Best UK Pre-Workouts 2019

Our guide to some of the leading pre-workout supplements

Last updated 9th May 2019

‘Pre-workouts’ are a type of supplement which look to promise to boost your mental and physical energy to motivate in preparation for an exercise or training session. Think of it like drinking a really strong coffee or energy drink, but tailored specifically with exercise in mind.

We all need a little extra motivation at times, and there are a lot of pre-workout products on the market which claim to have the solution to this problem. Many of the products contain stimulants like caffeine, but with other ingredients to make sure that you don’t crash.

[Disclaimer: We do not make any guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary]

Our Top 3 Products

Product Our RatingWebsite
#1) 4Gauge
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#2) Performance Lab
Sport Pre-Workout
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#3) Transparent Labs
Pre-Series Bulk Pre-Workout
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What to look for in your pre-workout

  • A boost to your energy in the gym
  • Increased focus to maximise your workouts
  • Achieve intense muscle pumps
  • Alleviate energy crashes
  • Motivation boost to reach your goals faster

If you’re looking to boost your motivation to push your training to the next level, a pre-workout could be the solution. Ensure you check the full reviews below and carefully read the list of ingredients before you make a purchase.

The Reviews

1) 4Gauge

Our Top Pick
4Gauge Pre-Workout


Finally, a pre-workout that actually lives up to the hype. If you feel like you’re not getting enough from your training and workouts, 4 Gauge could be the key to success. We’ve tried all the top pre-workouts on the market and this is hands down the best, giving us a huge surge in motivation, power, strength and endurance. All of this adds up to one thing – bigger, better, more powerful training sessions. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what’s in the bottle and see what it has to offer.


  • Only 1 flavour (fruit blast) at present
  • Only available directly from


Key Ingredients

After reviewing the ingredients, we were happy to find 4 Gauge has a 100% natural formula. It contains a nice combination of Caffeine & L-Theanine, which delivers all of the benefits of a surge of energy but without crashes or the jitters. It’s also made up of L-Citrulline which helps deliver more blood to the muscles and improve your overall athletic performance. 4 Gauge is free of gluten and soy, is friendly for both vegans and vegetarians and contains no artificial sweeteners. The formula is about as clean as it gets for pre-workouts.

A lot of pre-workouts contain sucralose, which is a common artificial sweetener. For those looking to avoid these artificial nasties, this is a stand out product. The less artificial ingredients, the better, in our opinion.

How to Take it

Each (rather cool red bottle) of 4 Gauge contains 20 servings (two scoops of powder). I actually moved down to a single scoop some days – but it all depends how much of an energy boost you are after. For most people, a single bottle should keep you stocked up for a good month or two.

I just mixed it with some water (the bottle states 350ml) and guzzled it down 30 mins before my workout along with a banana (an old habit).

Flavour choice is a little limited, in-fact it only comes in a single flavour called Fruit Blast. However, it’s great, a kind of sweet/sour/fruity combo that is refreshingly zingy.

Our Conclusion

Meticulously crafted to deliver an intense yet effective boost to your gym session, we’d highly recommend 4 Gauge as the leading pre-workout on the market. The formula tastes great and is perfectly balanced to provide you with enough energy and motivation to take your workout to a higher level. A must for anyone who’s serious about personal fitness. Head and shoulders above the rest.

Our #1 choice – 4Gauge

Prices from just £25

For best value for money, you can buy their ‘Ultimate Crate’ priced at £75. This gives you 3 bottles, plus 1 free bottle, plus free delivery.


2) Performance Lab Pre-Workout

performance lab pre-workout


We all know that sometimes, it’s hard to motivate yourself once you get to the gym. Thankfully that’s exactly what pre-workout supplements are here for! Performance Lab have entered the fray with their Sport Pre-Workout, which is ‘designed for performance’ and promises to ‘enhance muscle strength’ and your ‘performance capacity’. Sounds good, but does it live up to the marketing hype? Let’s see what’s in the bottle.

Key Benefits

  • Caffeine free
  • No-nonsense packaging
  • Well dosed and balanced
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly

Key Ingredients

Our initial observation was that Sport Pre-Workout is completely stimulant free. A lot of other workout formulas will pack harmful dosages of stimulants in for a short-term boost but no long-term benefits. These pre-workouts can have a detrimental effect, causing crashes and other unwelcome side effects.

In terms of the selection of ingredients, the largest dose comes from Creatine, which helps your body to extend endurance by providing it with more energy. L-Citrulline helps to increase blood flow into your muscles, which has been shown to improve endurance for a bigger workout. It also contains Cordyceps Super, a form of cordyceps which works with L-Citrulline to enhance physical performance and body strength when taken regularly.

How to Take it

A single box of Sport Pre-Workout contains 120 capsules, which equated to 30 servings per bottle, on average a month’s supply. It’s recommended that you take 4 capsules around 30 minutes before you begin training, with a large glass of water, to get maximum results.

Our Conclusion

This is another fine addition to the range at Performance Labs and comes with the same level of quality as their other products. Meticulously constructed with a keen eye on performance and effectiveness.

The impressive research-backed nature of this pre-workout certainly gives it a leg up on the competition, and we were impressed with the way that the ingredients were all selected to work together. The lack of stimulants may work for some, but it might be an issue for others – it depends on your preferences. Overall we would highly recommend Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout.

Our #2 choice –
Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout

Priced at just £20


3) Transparent Labs Pre-Series Bulk Pre-Workout

Transparent Labs pre-workout


If a traditional pre-workout formula just isn’t enough for you and you want more of a ‘bulk’ during a workout, then Transparent Labs have the solution. PreSeries Bulk is focused on keeping you alert AND increasing your mass, this pre-workout formula comes with an ambitious dual set of benefits.

This one is for those who are more hardcore at the gym and are determined to get as much from their workout whilst providing second-to-none muscle pumps. If you’re training hard, this might be more beneficial to you than your average pre-workout drink or supplement. While we love the packaging and design of the product, we need to make sure it works. Let’s take a look inside.

Key Benefits

  • Smart caffeine is a great addition
  • No artificial colours or sweeteners
  • No GMO and gluten free
  • Seriously powerful formula

Key Ingredients

Pre-Series Bulk comes in powder form and a range of zingy flavor’s including: blue raspberry, green apple, sour grape  & strawberry lemonade. It contains a large dose of Citrulline Malate which improves strength, aerobic performance and the endurance of your muscles through muscle pumps. 

Beta-Alanine delays fatigue and significantly increases lean mass by helping you work out for longer. L-Theanine will help to smooth out any crashes or jitters from the Caffeine found in the product, providing a perfect balance. It also contains Hordenine which increase energy and boost your metabolism, meaning more time in the gym and potentially greater gains.

How to Take it

One pack of PreSeries Bulk contains 30 servings, which means you’re covered for about a month, depending on how often you work out. Take one scoop of the product with a large glass of water around 30 minutes before you are due to start training.

It’s recommended that you start with a half serving so your body can adjust and increase its tolerance to the power of such a generously dosed formula. Don’t take more than one serving in any 24-hour period.

Our Conclusion

This pre-workout certainly packs a punch. The larger doses of ‘pump’ inducing ingredients might be off-putting for regular gym goers, but for those looking to maximise mass, this is the one for you. It’s a high quality, specifically formulated supplement with a great range of ingredients. No gimmicks and great value for money. And it tastes great too!

Our #3 choice – Transparent Labs
PreSeries Bulk Pre-Workout

Prices from £38

For best value for money, you can buy 3 packets priced at just under £92.


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